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The Pink Machine Group

Research Leader
Professor Claes Gustafsson,
Research: Feeling and rationality in technology and management

Professor Alf Rehn,
Research: Hypermodern gift economies, play and food in post-industrial society

Research Fellows

Helena Csarmann,
Research: Technologies of frivolity,
theme parks

Mikolaj Dymek

Research: The business of gaming

Dr. Bertil Guve,

Research: Intuitive decisionmaking

Stefan Görling,

Research: Immoral business logics, spam, viruses

Thomas Lennerfors,
Research: Temptation and morality

Dr. Marcus Lindahl,
Research: Improvisation and planning

Dr. Erik Piñeiro,

Research: Aesthetics and inspiration in programming

David Sköld,

Research: Fashion and streetstyle

Sam Warren,
Research: Interplays between consumption, aesthetics, organization and management.

Updated on December 1, 2004
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